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Monoslope Beef Barn

Monoslope Beef Barns

If you're researching your options in beef barns, monoslope structure or not, Summit has information you can use right now to make decisions. 

Cattle Confinement Buildings

Cattle Confinement Buildings

Summit Livestock Facilities specializes in the design and construction of large monoslope barns and cattle confinement facilities.

Is it Time to Expand?

Is it time to expand?

6 Critical Factors That Will Impact Your Decision -Article Featured in Illinois Beef Magazine.

Financial Feasibility

Financial Feasibility

We understand and address the challenges facing today's beef producers--particularly those like you on the precipice of making a growth decision.

Regulatory Compliance and Permitting

Regulatory Compliance & Permitting

Summit has partnered with registered P.E.s in your area to make the construction permitting process as smooth and painless as possible.

Manure Management

Manure Management

A key consideration in the process to build a new beef barn is manure management--from both an environmental compliance and an operational efficiency standpoint.

New Feedlots Profits

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Discover how producers are implementing new strategies for improved profitability and sustainability in the highly regulated beef production industry.
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Miles Ridgway, President

For the best animal confinement facilities: Monoslope Beef Barns, Cow/Calf Dry Lot Operations, Dairy Buildings and More ...

Choose the company dedicated to improving your profit potential.

At Summit, it’s not about our buildings, it’s about you and improving the profit potential of your Livestock Facility. We help Livestock Producers manage risk, ensure regulatory compliance and improve profit potential through implementation of indoor facilities.

From planning to permitting and regulatory compliance assistance and the design-build execution, Summit Livestock Facilities brings everything to the table to deliver a total project construction management beef barn solution that contributes to improving your profit potential and growing your business.

Summit helps producers navigate the complexities of the state environmental regulatory process. We also ensure your facility is designed to meet regulations.

Designed and built to maximize your ROI, Summit facilities are designed around the producer’s preferred method of operation.

Summit provides producers with comprehensive total project construction management of the entire project.

Unsurpassed build quality
The construction is completed by FBi Buildings, your partner in quality post-frame solutions.

On time, on budget
Ensuring maximum ROI.

When is the right time to build? Summit offers consultation to help producers determine the financial feasibility of a project.